In this new era of distribution, every film needs a customized distribution strategy to maximize audience and revenue. Filmmakers cannot realize the full possibilities of their films if they adopt a traditional “one size fits all” strategy or none at all.

In the past, most filmmakers faced a Hobson’s Choice between giving all US rights to one distributor (along with most—if not all—of the revenues) or embarking on self-distribution (without the resources or expertise to succeed). Now there is a better alternative.

Paradigm Consulting has pioneered HYBRID DISTRIBUTION strategies that enable our clients to:

retain overall control of their distribution

sell DVDs directly from their websites to viewers in the US and around the world

split their TV, theatrical, and retail video distribution rights

make separate deals with recommended distribution partners in each ancillary area

maximize revenues and build core personal audiences

Paradigm Consulting helps each client develop a customized distribution strategy based on the client’s specific goals, the nature and content of the film, an analysis of core and crossover audiences, and a review of distribution options and technologies.